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Are you someone who is clueless when it comes to makeup and want to learn the basics? Do you know your way around the makeup brushes but want to hone in and perfect your look? Would you like to learn and play in makeup with the girls for a night in? There's a class for each of you!

Makeup 101 w makeup starter kit

This class is perfect for beginners that have no clue where to start. You'll learn the basics of makeup including skin prep, color matching and blending techniques. A makeup starter kit will be provided along with a brush set and beauty sponge so you'll have all the tools you need without the hassle of shopping around. A keepsake card with makeup tips and stationary will be provided for note taking. And if that wasn't enough, you'll get lifetime mentorship from me!


Makeup 101

This class is great for all levels of makeup wearers from novice to expert. Here, you can choose the desired look you'd like to learn. You'll receive a personalized product list of recommendations and you can bring the makeup you already have. All levels will be taught skin prep and techniques tailored to your desired look. A keepsake card with makeup tips and stationary will be provided for note taking. Lifetime mentorship is also included.

Makeup Demo

If you're looking for a fun way to learn makeup in a group setting, this is the ideal class. I'll perform a live makeup demo on myself while giving instruction and tips on makeup application. You can observe and take notes or you can join the fun and follow along with me. Stationary will be provided for note taking and a keepsake card with makeup tips for later use.

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